Video Player Help

What is required to view videos on Christian Web TV?
First and foremost  all video content is free for viewing, there are no sign ups or cost requirements for you to view content here at Christian Web TV. The only requirement is that you have the latest Flash Player codecs from Adobe. Most of you will already have this installed, if it is not installed please click here to get the latest Flash Player.

Why are the videos buffering, choppy, or freezing?
The quality of the video clip you are watching mainly depends on the speed of your internet connection and how fast your computer is. Christian Web TV uses a progressive download for all to watch. Basicly, this means  the video is downloading to your computer. If your video is continuously buffering  press the pause button for a minute or two and this will allow more video to download on your computer to be played. You will notice on the player controls there is a percentage number that tells you how much of the video has been loaded. By our use of  progressive download method, even those with a 56k modem dial up may view a program. Please realize the slower your connection the longer it may take to watch the video, so please remember to pause the video if it continues to buffer and give it some time to download. 

For the best viewing experience, we recommend a high speed Internet connection such as DSL or Cable Modem.

It is important to note that even if you have a high-speed (DSL/ Cable Modem/ T1), internet traffic congestion affects your connection speed and/or video performance. You will get slower or faster speeds at different times depending on peak or off-peak use hours. You may also get slower speeds during the morning and afternoon, but faster speeds late at night when fewer people are online. Also, streaming quality decreases when multiple people share the same internet connection (e.g. at work or on a home network).

I would like to watch the video full screen, is that possible? 
Yes, on the player controls there is an icon next to the volume when you click it, the video will go to full screen. To go back to normal view just click the same icon.

I have an iphone. Can I stream video on it?
Yes, when you go to the video you wish to watch click on the image that says "iphone users click here." Please note this will open a Safari page that will be white with the Quicktime signal and it may take a moment for the video to load depending on your connection speed to the internet.

My church or personal TV ministry would like to have its own channel to broadcast with Christian Web TV.
All you need to do is contact us on the contact page and the those who handle that department will send you the requirements for broadcasting your ministry's TV program.

I would like to advertise on Christian Web TV. 
Just contact us on the contact page and the advertising department will contact you about advertising on and possibly other sites, newsletters, and email solos with the Christ Centered Network.