(Christian Web Television) is part of the “Media 7 Broadcasting Group” providing High Quality HD Audio and Video LIVE STREAMING services for churches, Ministries and Christian Businesses.

Christian Web TV’s current features for LIVE STREAMING SERVICES:

  • All video in H.264 format which can be viewed by over 99.9% of all computers, tablets and phones

  • Television programs from top Ministries from around the world

  • Music programs

  • Teachings from different Ministers

  • Tips on creating a better broadcast ministry

The CWEBTV and Media 7 Broadcasting Group was founded by a unique team of Christian Professionals with many years of vast experience and proficiency in Audio, Video, Web, Sales and Marketing, Business Management and Ministry. This Team’s mission is to see Churches, Ministries, and Christian Businesses be able to Compete in the modern market place of ideals with the same First Class Quality Level of secular entities. Helping you to Reach and Effectively Communicate God's Love, Heart and Power to non-Christians and Christians alike.

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